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Power Semiconductors

Mosfets, IGBT’s discrete & modules, Rectifier Diode Modules, High Voltage diodes.


Power Semiconductors

Mosfets, IGBT’s discrete & modules, Rectifier Diode Modules, High Voltage diodes.


Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Low impedance, high ripple, and long service life. Rubycon's electrolytic capacitors demonstrate excellent performance in a wide range of applications.


Film Capacitors

A variety of high quality film capacitors such as polyester, polypropylene and metallized polyester are available depending on the applications


Electric Double Layer Capacitors

Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC) is high capacitance energy devices that is possible to rapid charge and discharge and have longer lifecycle. EDLC is suitable for energy restoration, power assist and power sources of chargeable instruments.



DCH20 series is a power supply wherein the Electric Double Layer capacitors are applied and therefore the DC-output can be maintained The Hold-Up time is >4 Seconds when AC input is interrupted. It is possible to reduce to reduce momentary failure and loss of data with this design.

  Thermistors   Capacitors
Surge-Gards Film Capacitors
Probes & Assemblies Metallized Film Capacitors
Mini-Sensors Feed Through Capacitors
Accu-Curves X & Y Capacitors
Inrush Current Limiters Polycarbonate Film Capacitors
Inrush Current Sensors Custom Capacitors
NTC Thermistors Audio Capacitors
PTC Thermistors Cross Over Network Capacitors
Negative Temperature Coefficient Hermetically Sealed Capacitors
Thermistors EMI Suppression Capacitors
Switching PTC Thermistors DC & AC Capacitors
Linear Thermistors Plastic Capacitors
Temperature Measurement Precision Capacitors
Temperature Compensation Polyester (mylar) & Foil Capacitors
Temperature Control RFI Suppression Capacitors
Over Current Protection Polypropylene Capacitors
Over Temperature Protection UL, CSA, VDE Capacitors
Sensors Temperature    
Probes Temperature    
Temperature Sensors    
Sensors Temperature Resistance    



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